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I found this interesting video about high level farming. The dude can be quite annoying, but gives a nice glimpse into the grind that is karma/gold farming:



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Re: Farming

I didnt watch whole vid, I know that guy from Diablo 3 he done some vids for that as well and he is really really annoying:P
But from what I saw he is doing the same thing I have been doing for some time now , the thing with that place is that most people come in groups so you really need to be fast and have some aoe to hit the mobs asap to get any drops, 2nd with DR after about 3rd event i noticed that you dont get almost anything. Its decent way to farm tho, boring ( but what farming isnt?:)) , but its good for karma and honestly I havent found anything better then that.
Also there is tons of people there in peek hours, so best time to go there is early in the morning or really late at night.


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