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GOTS and our Application Guidelines

We are a friendly international group of players (membercount: ~25) most of whom started to play together in the original Guild Wars years ago. Our guild enjoys both PvE and PvP parts of the game.
Guildmembers are encouraged to help eachother in both advice and in missions and quests also. We don't require guildies to participate in any activity they don't feel like doing, but socializing ingame is a thing we enjoy mostly. We don't tolerate insulting other guildmembers, and most of the time other players (there is the case of self-defense of course ).

Most of the guild is in the GMT and CET (GMT+1) timezone (though we have a few people from the EST timezone too), so expect to see us in the evening hours of those zones.
Current Recruitment Policy of the Guardians of the Stars guild (GOTS)

Mental age: 17 (most of our members are in their 20s-30s, and while we don't think someone in his/her teens can't be a competent and nice player we think that as a general rule this age group fits our guild best)
Language: English (we are an international guild, and English is the language we use to communicate)
Mentality: Friendly, helpful, not-overly competitive
Activity: Would be nice for you to play at least once or twice a week
Mumble client (free) with a headset is also nice to have because we use it for activities that need coordination (and it is a must for PvP).

If you feel you would like to belong to our guild, please post a new topic in this forum writing about yourself (topic name should be your or your character's name).

Here are some guidelines what would be nice to know about you:
- One of your character's name so if it comes to that we can invite you to the guild.
- What do you expect from the guild you'd like to belong to?
- Any personal data you feel like sharing (name, age, gender, nationality, hobbies, have you played any other games, etc)
- Current character names with professions, levels, and stage of game where they are
- Favourite character, why do you like playing him/her?
- What part of the game you enjoy mostly?
- Why would you like to be a GOTS? Also how did you find out about us? Do you know anybody from the guild?
- Estimated activity level (hours per day, week, month, year )
- Timezone
- Anything else you want to share with us

After posting the application you will be informed via these forums if the guild found your application a good match. This is mainly about if you "fit in" well into the guild. We try to keep GOTS a friendly guild with like-minded people, so if your application is refused, it's not meant to say we found you a bad player or person.
Upon accepting the application (moving onto "Stage 2") someone will notify you via your application thread and you will receive an invitation into the guild as an "applicant" in order to play and chat with members more easily during this stage.

This way we can go together adventuring, where you can meet the guild, and the guild can meet you. If these meetings turn out to be good for everyone, you will receive the invite as a full "member" to GOTS. If we turn out to be too different you will get informed about it via your application thread. Please accept that we may need time and several occasions for this in-game trial to reach a decision but we'll try to keep this time as short as we can!
Thanks for reading.

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