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Money Making Guide (Work in Progress)

I. Introduction

I promised to post it long ago, but suddenly life has become very busy, so I apologize for the delay. There will be four parts of the guide (Introduction, Money Saving, Money Making and... "Stuff"). You should read parts I-II even if you have no plans to "play Trading Post" (TP) like I do, cause the information in these section (hopefully) will be beneficial for every GW2 player. I will post everything I know about the topic of the guide cause I treat my guild as my online family and I think it's a shame to hide your knowledge from your guildies. The only thing I will leave aside is some... "unproven theories" about money making in GW2, that I have in my head. I don't want you to lose money, because of my (possibly) very wrong assumptions.
This guide is work in progress, I will correct and update it regularly (at least I hope to do so). Please, post your questions/suggestions, etc. I will be happy to get you feedback.

II. Money Saving

I fully understand that "Playing TP" isn't for everyone, it might be boring or time-consuming or just not your cup of tea. But still every player starts to use TP sooner or later, cause that's the only way to get new shiny stuff unless you want to farm it all by your own.

So when you use TP - use it right!

1. There are trading fees. 5% Listing Fee, 10% Sales Fee. So let's say you going to sell Heroic Sword of Hobbit Humiliation for 10 silver. In the very moment you click "Sell" button 5% of 10 silver which is 50 copper will be taken from your money. When some hobbit slayer buys you sword your profit is only 9 silver, cause greedy Anet gets 10% of your money. Never post anything for sale on TP for vendor price +1-2 copper, you are losing money this way!
2. Always use Buy Orders! Forget about "Buy" button, unless you are buying something that is very cheap.
So you want to buy Berserker's Greatsword of Air. You find it at TP and see something like this
There are 9 Swords available for 39 silver, and your new shiny sword is just one click away now! Wait! Overcome the temptation and instead of clicking "Buy" (and making someone richer) click "place a custom offer". You will see something like that
Place your order of 27s 23c and go play the game. More often than not, your order will be filled in 2-3 hours and you will save 11s 77c. Always use buy orders!
3. Never use "Meet highest buyer" button! when selling your stuff on TP. Let's go back to this Berserker's Greatsword of Air. You just got it dropped for you and you hate the skin or stats or just can't use GS at all, so you want to sell it. Can you hear this "Pick me! Pick me!"? It's "Meet highest buyer" option is calling for you. "Pick me and get you money immediately!" Resist! Right click on th sword and choose "Buy more at TP" option. Then undercut lowest seller by 1 copper. So post your GS for sale for 38s 99c and go play the game. I won't lie, sometimes shit happens and your stuff stays unsold for days and even weeks (I will explain how to deal with situations like this in Part III), but usually it takes no more than 1-10 hour(s) to sell a rare weapon. I guess extra 11s 77c worth a little wait?

Utilise Karma

Karma is just another currency in GW2 and if you (like me) aren't saving it to get karma armor or weapon - use it to get Crude Salvage Kits and Gathering Tools. You can get any gathering tool for karma including some cool stuff that is unobtainable for money. I'm talking about Splitting Axe, Mining Pick and Foraging Sickle.
I only use Crude and Mystic Salvage Kits . Mystic for salvaging rares for ectos, runes, etc and Crude for everything else.

Try to be reasonable with Way Points

WPs are good stuff, but try to limit your jumping smile Don't forget to exploit various shortcuts (including asura gate from your order base to Fort Trinity).

Don't upgrade your gear too often

I do realize that gear is important in GW2, but still there's no need to upgrade your weapon/armor every 2-3 levels. Usually you can do just fine in low/middle-level areas with suboptimal stuff. I use rare gear without any problems in Orr, so I have no plans to get exotic armor in near future.

Have Fun! (and feel free to ignore any of my suggestions if you think that they are no fun) smile

III. Money Making

To be continued...


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Re: Money Making Guide (Work in Progress)

Thx for the write up Vlad.

Regarding gear, there is certainly no need to upgrade all the time, every 15-20 levels are well enough. Personally if saving money I would skip the rares unless maxing crafting professions, since that will give you what you need in that department. Why? since the steps from masterwork to rares is considerably less than from rares to exotics.

Masterworks are around 93% as effective as rares, but rares are only 88% as effective as exotics. Masterworks are however 82% as effective as exotics, so if saving money, then by all means just use masterworks. You will infact do alot better if using the proper gear to the build you are running with masterworks than using the wrong rare set.

By using Masterworks you can also experiment alot more since they are dirt cheap, last itme i checked they were like 10% of the price of rares (nobody wants them for obvious reasons).

I use Masterwork MF gear in Orr all the time and it works perfectly fine, does it compare to exotics? no, but it works fine.

So Dru's tip of the day: If going for gold, use Masterwork gear when reaching lvl 80, once you have money, and you know what gear to go for, then get exotics.

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Re: Money Making Guide (Work in Progress)

Yes Vlad, thanks a lot for the write up, as I said already, very very useful (I've heard already quite a lot of this part ingame as I continously pestering him for tips) and I'm sure I'm not the only one who can find new stuff here.


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Re: Money Making Guide (Work in Progress)

Thanks for this Vlad. It was pretty much all new to me. wink

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Re: Money Making Guide (Work in Progress)

Thanks Vlad. So much practical information there smile

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