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Applicants' FAQ

Should I apply to the guild?
- Read through our guidelines both to members and applicants, have a look at the public part of our forums, this should give you a good “feel” for what we are about. If you still have doubts, feel free to ask questions on the forum.

I am new to GW2, have not played GW, can I apply?
- , as of now GOTS is taking and has taken new players. Whether old or new players, we are looking for people who are looking to improve and can learn on their own accord too.

I am a strictly PvE/PvP player, should I apply?
- GOTS is trying to cater for needs of both PvP and PvE players, still we are a PvE dominant guild with some regular PvP activities, so if you’re a purely PvP player you will probably find our PvP schedules lacking to your needs. We have several “PvE only” players on the other hand, so that’s not a problem.

I would like to apply with someone else (friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, children, guinea pig, etc...), can I do that?
- Yes, please make seperate threads for all applicants, and state in them that you're applying as a group, and whether we should offer you an invite seperately if not everyone is accepted in the process. Also please take in account that a group application where we only give an answer when we have decided about everyone, will take as long as the longest applicant takes, and will depend on the "weakest link" so if even one applicant is refused (and you don't want separate invites) we will refuse the whole group.

I'm under the age requirement, can I apply?
- You can of course post an application, though you have a high chance that it will be rejected, since the age requirement we set is there for a reason.

What should I write in the application?
- You can find all the required info in the “GOTS and its Application Guidelines” however the more detailed the application, the more it tells who you are, the better.

How does the application process work?
- After you posted your application you will be in “Stage 1”, which means the guild will read your application, post questions there, and decide if judging that you are a good candidate for membership. If yes, you will be notified through your thread that you have progressed to “Stage 2”, when we can meet each other (and you get a provisional "applicant" invite to our Guild), and during this stage the guild is actually voting whether to invite you or not. Final decision is again posted in your thread.

How long does the application last?
- There isn’t a definite answer for this. We try to decide fast whether someone will progress to stage 2, this doesnt last longer than a couple of days most of the time. Stage 2 itself however can last up to 2 weeks but we try to decide as soon as we can.

Can I hasten my application?
- Well posting that you’re in a hurry won’t get you further, only thing that can speed up Stage 2 decisions, if you try to meet up with as many members as you can, since the decision depends on the member votes, and if you met only one person, then you likely won’t have enough votes for a final decision.

I'm in Stage 1, can I contact people from the guild?
- It's not encouraged, the two-stage application process is something that spares time and hurt feelings for both parties.

I’m in Stage 2 and would like to meet up with you, but don’t want to be pushy...
- In Stage 2 if you take up the our invite you can freely socialise via the Guild Chat and joining whatever events are at hand.

What do I need to prove in stage 2? Do I have to be skilled/1337/all-knowing/omnipotent?
- Nothing, and no. We don't judge players on skills or game knowledge. We just want to get to know you as a person, chat, play, have fun. Just be yourself. Don't worry, it's not a test of any kind, it's more spending time together. 

My application has been going on for a while now. Does this mean I will be rejected or that you have second thoughts about me?
- Not necessarily. A longer application process can mean anything, from we have trouble deciding if you are a good fit to the guild, to while everyone has given positive feedback about you, we are still waiting for more members to meet you. If we think that someone is not fitting to the guild, we tell that outright. So in short: the duration of an application is not in direct relation to the chance of success or even the doubts we might have about an applicant.

Can I inquire about the status of my application?
- We usually don't share information about the status of the application whilst in process, but if you have concerns during your application you can turn to officers of GOTS of course.

My application has been rejected, what does that mean?
- It doesnt mean that you're a bad person, it doesn't mean you're a bad player, it only means that at present stage the guild decided that you're not "fitting" to what our guild is about, there are many great and different guilds out there, and not every guild is for everyone. Also while it's certainly possible that we make mistakes regarding this, but it's our responsibility to make these mistakes, please respect this.

My application was rejected, but I would like to know the exact reasons.
- Application threads are closed shortly after accepting them or rejecting, if you want more information about this, please PM one of the officers.

If you have any questions, concerns, problems not covered here, feel free to post them in your application thread, in the Q&A forum or PM an officer.

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