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Guidelines for GOTS members

These guidelines are laid down to help and explain some things about being a member of the Guardians of the Stars.

- The guild forums are out of game methods to keep in contact with others, to keep informed, to form opinions and the guild. Don't underappreciate these, while activity on these is not *required* not being active on them will keep you out of the guild's life in more ways than one. Just to mention the most important things, PvP and some of the hardcore PvE activities are scheduled on the forums, you need to sign up there to take part in these. Also important decisions are made based on forum discussions, about the guild in general and recruitment for example. Please take the time to register and check-up on them regularly.

PvE - PvP
- GOTS is a PvE centered but mixed activity guild, we honour everyone's right to enjoy Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 in the way it pleases the person, and expect the same. Our PvP is non-competitive, we are trying to have fun just like in PvE.

- While we are a group of people mostly in their 20s or 30s and won't scream at the use of certain four-letter words, keep language in line, noone wants to read excessive swearing on chat. Of course we don't tolerate racist or similar remarks, we are an open community, that doesn't want any of that. Also textspeak, leetspeak and the like are not welcomed in excess.

Helping and getting helped
- Usually people have more trouble asking for help than giving it, while this is nice, don't forget that others are happy to help you too, so don't be shy. Also if you don't need any help just doing something, and wouldnt mind company, do write that up too in the guild chat, the more the merrier after all.

- We have casual gamers (some of them with small children), and we understand that real life is more important than GW/GW2. However GOTS is a community based guild, and unannounced inactivity is something that makes people who know and like you worry. So if for whatever reasons you'll be inactive in the game just drop a post in the forums. Unannounced inactive accounts can be removed, however you can contact an officer via your forum account if you wish to return to the game.

Exploiting, botting, offensive behaviour on the server, etc.
Don't. Just don't. If such case arises we will report it and if needed we could terminate membership as well.


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